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Prices For Massage Services
Appointments can be prebooked; please call us on 0161 6379642. We currently have an offer on any 1 hour prebooked Traditional Thai Massage at £35 per hour. On Tuesdays , we have Thai madness and are offering a 1 hour Thai massage introduction of £25!!!!  

Thai Traditional Massage  (£40/60 mins £60/ 90 £ 75/ 120mins)

Thai massage is our forte, performed on custom hand-made Thai massage beds. Succumb to our unique touch and indulge in a sublime massage that will induce a deep level of relaxation and calm your mind. A wonderful treatment passed down from ancient generations, Thai massage involves the application of pressure and a gentle stretching of the muscles, also using pressure to stimulate the energy meridians of the body. This massage is performed on Traditional Thai mattresses without oil and pays special attention to the back and legs

Aromatherapy Oil Massage  (£40/60 mins £60/ 90 £ 75/ 120mins)

Treat yourself to an hour, or more, of bliss with this gentle therapeutic massage for total relaxation. Choose from our blends of pure essential oils to calm the nerves, detoxify the body and rejuvenate the spirit. The oils are readily absorbed by the skin tissues while their uplifting scent triggers the nerves in the nose to bring internal balance and healing. The full-body treatment includes massage to the feet, legs and scalp.

Traditional Thai Foot Massage   (£40/60 mins £60/ 90 mins £75/ 120 mins)

Our Thai Foot Massage is a deeply relaxing and stimulating reflexology treatment that concentrates on the feet and lower legs. A qualified Thai therapist uses gentle strokes and acupressure on the feet to detect any imbalances in the body, opening up the natural energy lines and encouraging physical healing.

Head Massage   (£40/60 mins £60/ 90 mins £75/ 120 mins)

Our Thai Head Massage is an emotionally uplifting treatment that concentrates on relieving upper body tension. We begin with an invigorating scalp massage that boosts circulation around the scalp, with strokes becoming softer and slower. This is followed by a soothing neck, shoulder and upper back massage to break down any remaining tension and release toxins.

Other Treatments

Thai Herbal Heat Treatment   (£55/60 min)

A Full Thai massage is combined with Thai herbal compresses (warm pack of natural blends of herbs) to stimulate acupressure points. The beneficial combination helps to ease aches, relax muscles and stimulate circulation. Ideal combination with any Thai Massage.

Thai Four Hands   (£70/60 min)

Asian Thai Four Hand MassageOur Thai Four Hands is a full body treatment where two professional Thai Massage Therapists use acupressure, slow and medium strokes and gentle muscle compression to ease away muscular aches, tension and tiredness. One therapist works on the upper body, the other on the lower body and the Thai Four Hands Massage can be relaxing or deep tissue, according to your preference.

Swedish Massage (£70/90 min)

What is Swedish massage? Swedish massage is the basic, classic form of western massage, which uses pressure to help you feel relaxed and calm.

In Sweden, "Swedish massage" is simply known as "classic massage". And that is exactly what it is - a classic treatment which represents the western standard for massage. Swedish massage has been portrayed on TV in the past as a very hard massage performed by some sadistic therapist in a medical-style uniform, but this is just TV...

The five main techniques used in Swedish massage - stroking and gliding; kneading; rubbing; tapping or "pounding"; vibration - are probably what spring to mind when you think about a "typical" massage. They're designed to improve your circulation, soothe your muscles and make you more relaxed.

Hot Stone Therapy (£75 /90 min)

Hot stone therapy / massage is a kind of massage that uses treated volcanic rocks such as basalt and basinite that are believed to promote relaxation as well as eliminating negative energy within the client’s body, mind and soul.

On most treatment, the stones are put on the chakra points of the body along the spine. The chakra points are the body’s energy center. It is believed to vitalize the physical body. When stimulated, it balances energy flow throughout the body.

The stones are heated using water with temperature ranging from 120 – 130 degree Fahrenheit although usual treatment requires alternating the use of hot basalt or basinite stones and much colder stones like marble ones.

It is believed that the combination of warmth and cool treatment encourages the body to relax, detox and heal.

Other Services

We also offer waxing. Please book ahead for this service in order that we can make sure we have someone available that is trained specifically for waxing.

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