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I did have a fantastic massage at Sanae Thai Massage in ……. I can truly recommend their fantastic professional service and have already many friends that have the same fantastic experience and result.

Thanks, very professional. I had massage provide by Sanae Thai massage since I came to study law in Manchester. I also recommend them to my personal trainer. Actually I have no problem on my body at all but I love to keep myself healthy in a natural way. Both therapists were excellent. They really know where to focus and work on it. I would recommend them to all of my friends, thanks again and see you soon.


I have been getting massages for many years but it was only when I started going to them that I experienced the true healing potential of a back massage. Like most office workers I suffer from computer related-back pain and stress and They understand this very well, getting right to the problem and gently working the muscles out to return the back to its best state (allowing better posture) thereby mitigating further problems. A monthly massage from them should be part of anyone’s well-being regime. Very highly recommended.


I was very lucky to find that Thai masseur. …. is excellent in identifying areas with pain problems. Her approach and treatment is excellent. She addresses places of pain and work on these until pain goes away. I always feel great after her massage. I have back and hands pain and after her massage I feel much better and feeling that pain goes away. She is also great person and very nice in communication. Booking appointment is easy. If you need Thai or deep tissue massage I can only recommend her service.


I have lived and worked all over the world and regularly received massage treatments of varying quality. Returning to Manchester years ago I was looking for a decent massage and after various recommendations from friends and family that led nowhere, I chanced upon Sanae Thai Massage. I have returned on a regular basis ever since…My therapist is professional, and offers exceptional value for what is the best massage I have ever received. Some people train and practice for years and yet lack the instinct that leads the therapist to the areas requiring treatment that makes a session worthwhile.

Big thanks for the foot massage and deep tissue that that we had yesterday were really amazing and so relaxing, enjoyable and professional. I was amazed and am looking forward to come back soon.


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