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At Sanae, we are professional and all our girls are fully qualified, but we also like to have some fun.

If you would like to hear about a day in the life of a Thai girl in Mancester, then please read on below.



Our new crazy Thai massage offer is so popular, we have extended it a day.


There seem to be more and more imitation massage shops opening up in Manchester. Often, these are cheap imitations. For a relaxing, private environment with dedicated massage couches, attractive and well trained masseurs that will attempt to adapt their massage to your individual needs rather than going through the routines some inexperienced girls will do, please try our shop.


It's been a long time since I last wrote on my blog- sorry to anyone that reads this. We have just trained all the girls in Thai Herbal Compress massage using a herbal ball. For anyone wanting a truely relaxing massage or anyone feeling slightly under the weather, this is an excellent treatment. Please phone and ask about this or any other treatment.

Happy New Year everyone. In the tradition of January sales, we currently have a sale for all of January- please look at our Massages and Prices page for details. 

Its Christmas time and even though I am buddist, it is a nice time of the year for sharing and partying. It may be cold, but I like this time of the year. After a traumatic christmas shop in the Arndale, why not pop round for a nice relacing massage. We have 5 fully trained girls working every day other than Christmas day and special offers available for boxing day.


I am very excited today. Manchester seems to have understood all the benefits of massage. However, there are many cities with no professional Thai Massage shops and today I agreed the head terms for a new shop in another large city. I hope that we can make this even better than Sanae for our customers. More to come soon.

There seem to be more and more Thai massage places popping up across Manchester. How many of these places have properly trained girls working in them though? If you come to Sanae, you can be guaranteed of a good experience in a private and relaxing environment.
I'm now looking to expand the Sanae brand in Liverpool and Leeds. Keep an eye out for new openings!

Its September and its already getting cold- very cold for a Thai girl. I think everyone in the shop is dreading winter in this country and already starting to save for their next trip back to Thailand. If you haven't been to Thailand before, the winter period is the best- it is still hot but dry when it is cold and wet here. Come to Sanae Thai to either get your first experience of Thailand or to remind yourself of holidays past. We will make sure you are walm and relaxed!

I've just spent a month in Loas (on the Thai border). When I am in this country, I miss my family, the food and the community spirit. When I am back home, I realise how lucky we are in England- everything is clean, business is structured and easy, schools and hospitals are free. Many people live long lives in England without realising how lucky they really are! I'm happy to be back in Manchester! Sanare Thai Massage Spa is not a bad place to be!

I am just reflecting on how hard it is to be a Thai girl in England. I love this country and I am fortunate to have learnt English, but most of the girls struggle to read and write. They are dependent on boyfriends and stay here only to send money home. Everyone assumes they must be prostitutes, when many are from very traditional, conservative backgrounds and just want to make lives better for their family. Please treat my girls with the respect they deserve. Thank you.

The hot weather: Whilst it is nice to sit outside in the bar opposite our shop and watch the world go by, people in this country sun worship so much that nobody wants to have a Thai Massage. Why not come and have an oil massage to help relax and rehydrate the skin after it has been subjected to those rays! 

Thai party last night. So many Thai people work in restaurants and are busy at the weekends, we all party mid week. I think all the girls in all Thai massage shops may be a bit hung over today. It was good to see everyone having a bit of fun though- we don't do this enough in England. Everything in England is about work and money! I'm sure you know what I mean.
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